IQVIA Lottery

IQVIA Lottery

IQVIA Nederland

Doelbedrag € 200,00
126% Gedoneerd / € 52,00 over doelbedrag

We invite you to take part in the fund-raising Lottery and … you don’t have to be in the office to support Dutch Rare Disease Foundation (ZZF) via buying tickets online!!
All collected money is donated to the ZZF right when you buy your ticket.

The lottery contains prizes related to the Bio Beer and Wine Tastings, we have catered to you in the last few weeks.
The winners will be announced via email on 3Dec and will be contacted to agree on the prize collection upon their preference.

We have been able to select 6 great prizes, check it out:
• 1 day Beer Brewing Event at ‘de Aandacht’ in Almere (incl. lunch, beer tasting and 12 bottles as a result)
• DIY Beer Brewery set (Brouwbroeders)
• 6-pack of beers (‘de Aandacht’)
• Selection of 3 Biological wines (Neleman)
• Selection of 3 Biological wines (Neleman)
• DVD “Kissed by the grape”

So buy your ticket(s) now!
Please pay electronically for one or more lottery tickets; each ticket costs € 4,-.
Please select the ‘Doneer’ button, complete the required fields and leave a message in the ‘Bericht /Opmerking’ section to indicate to the NL CSR team how many tickets you are paying for AND whether you want to win ONLY beer OR wine related prizes. Otherwise we will include you in the whole lottery.
Please note that this is a direct donation to ZZF and cannot be refunded.

Thank you for your participation, also on behalf of ZZF!

Kind regards,
The NL CSR Team of IQVIA



Datum Donatie voor Donatie door Bedrag Opmerking
03-07-2018 IQVIA Nederland Panda Langenberg 12.00
03-07-2018 IQVIA Nederland Jocelyn Droge 4.00
02-07-2018 IQVIA Nederland Marieke Snijders 12.00
02-07-2018 IQVIA Nederland Marieke Krol 20.00 Lootjes
02-07-2018 IQVIA Nederland Lisa Gubbels 4.00 1 ticket
02-07-2018 IQVIA Nederland Jacob Wright 4.00 1 ticket
29-06-2018 IQVIA Nederland Betty Krab 4.00 Graag 1 ticket
25-06-2018 IQVIA Nederland Marcel Kuijper 4.00 1 ticket
21-06-2018 IQVIA Nederland Willemijn Passtoors 4.00 1 ticket